USB Redirector Technician Edition 6.12 Crack With License Key 2022 Latest Download Here

USB Redirector Technician Edition 6.12 Crack With License Key 2022 Latest

USB Redirector Technician Edition Crack software product is useful for professionals who provide remote USB device maintenance services, such as flashing, re-programming, or other types of service. As the name suggests, it “redirects” USB devices from the customer to the technician, thus allowing them to do any kind of remote servicing. The redirected device looks like it was plugged directly into the technician’s computer.

USB Redirector Technician Edition

A programme or software application called USB Redirector Crack can assist users and particular people with their % drives outside of a common local Web link. As a result, it is possible to start exchanging documents and granting others access to the equipment in your garage. A simple and cost-free programme that may be downloaded from any remote location. This programme must be installed on a PC in order to function as a garage or storage area.

USB Redirector Technician Edition Crack

USB Redirector Technician Edition Full Cracked product must be installed on the technician’s computer. It comes with a free Customer Module that can be distributed to your customers. The Customer Module helps people to redirect their USB devices to a technician for servicing. It has a simple intuitive interface and does not require installation.

USB Redirector Technician Edition Serial key supports redirection of mobile phones, printers, 3G modems, embedded devices, and virtually any other USB devices that can be serviced over the USB cable.

Key Features of USB Redirector Technician Edition Crack:

  • Made with remote maintenance in mind.
  • It was developed for use in remote maintenance. It does it as successfully as it can.
  • Large range of USB devices is supported.
  • Mobile phones, 3G/4G/LTE modems, built-in devices, CNC controllers, auto diagnostic adapters, and practically all other USB Cloud technology devices can all be accessed remotely.
  • To safeguard the security of your data, the software uses end-to-end encryption and TLS 1.3 security.
  • Customers can use a free module.
  • A portable, user-friendly programme called the Free Customer Module is used to deliver USB devices to the Customization Service.
  • Extension of USB programmes, interactions, and other services are provided.
  • Supports a broad range of USB devices, including mobiles, printers, and 3G modems.
  • Give the technician a customized module to follow the USB device next to the software.
  • The key differences between the USB Redirector Technician Edition and other versions are numerous.
  • As a result, it operates most effectively. It could be used for scheduling, flashing, or any other service kind.
  • Wide range of USB devices are supported by the Windows Edition 10 USB Redirector Technician.
  • For instance, it might offer USB cable service for embedded devices, mobile phones, 3G modems, and other USB gadgets.
  • Your branding could be used to order a personalized customer module.
  • Include your address in the programme so that users won’t have to enter it every time they need to use a gadget.

Unique Features:

  • Designed for remote maintenance.

The intention behind this product’s development was remote servicing. As a result, it completes the task in the most effective manner. It can be used for any kind of servicing, including mending, flashing, configuring, and diagnostics.

  • Large range of USB devices are supported.

Virtually all USB devices, including printers, cellphones, mobile devices, 3G/4G/LTE modems, embedded devices, CNC controls, and car diagnostic adapters, can be accessed remotely via this method.

  • Cloud computing.

The software utilizes the cloud to deliver highly efficient technologies for trouble-free USB sharing over the Internet without a VPN or port forwarding.

  • Reliable connection

To protect your data, the programmes use end-to-end encryption and TLS 1.3 security.

  • No cost customer module.

Includes the free Customer Module, a user-friendly portable application that operates on the client’s end and directs USB devices to the technician.

  • Personalized service.

In order to add style to your service and further simplify communication with your clients, it is possible to acquire a customized Customer Module that incorporates your logo and technician ID into the software.


  • With the simple push of a button, anyone can share all USB devices that are linked.
  • By merely adding specific network computers’ IP addresses to a block list, it can also stop them from accessing USB devices.


  • A password cannot be set to secure shared USB resources.
  • To access shared USB drives, the application must also be installed on every client computer.

Whats new in USB Redirector Technician Edition Crack:

  • Updates:

Information about the alterations made to this version is available on the official website. A programme created to make it easier for users and other users to exchange USB devices through LAN, WLAN, or a regular Web connection. You can exchange documents and provide other users access to your USB storage device thanks to the software. In order to use the Software, you must first install it on your computer, which serves as a storage device. After that, you must make a few settings changes.

System Requirement:

  • The following operating systems—both 32-bit and 64-bit versions—are supported by it:
  • Windows XP Server 2003 (SP1 or later)
  • The most recent version of Windows is Windows XP (SP3 or newer)

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How to crack USB Redirector Technician Edition Crack:

  • Following the download, install the software as usual.
  • Run the application after installation.
  • Please copy the crack and paste it into the C/Program.
  • Now, enjoy the complete version.

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