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CareUEyes VST Crack Despite what the somewhat unappealing title might suggest, CareUEyes VST is actually a nice little program designed to appeal to people who spend much of their lives sitting in front of computer screens. The two main features of CareUEyes VST are the automatic blue light filter and the reminder to rest and take a break from time to time. The combination of these two features can help reduce eye strain caused by long and extended use of computers. But basically, it’s not a good idea to sit for hours after hours in front of the computer without a break, and that’s where CareUEyes VST really comes into its own.

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The blue light filter and screen dimmer functions work well and change automatically based on time. It works by smoothly adjusting the gamma value of the screen, which reduces the blue light portion of the RGB spectrum. This causes your screen to visibly dim as day turns into night and reduces glare from your computer screen, helping you and your eyes work longer. Along the same lines, the Break feature makes you take a virtual 3-minute break every minute, to remind you 30 seconds before the time is up and lock your screen so you need to take a break. A five-minute break can be “postponed” up to 3 times if you don’t want to break your chain of thought.

CareUEyes VST

However, one of the best features of CareUEyes VST is the variety of options. You can easily change the default break times, choose the default work time, and how long you want each break to last. In the same way, the blue light filter has five separate modes and color temperatures to choose from depending on the ambient settings you choose.

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The screen gets hotter than usual, which makes viewing more comfortable for the eyes. Users will be less tired as they work and play for longer hours. There are much blue light filter presets. Users can change the color temperature of the blue light filter as well as the brightness. They can choose presets like Game, Night, Normal, Desktop, and Smart. The second option available is Screen Dimmer. This program controls the brightness of the computer screen. It is ideal for working or playing in a light or dark environment. Screen Dimmer is compatible with most monitors and monitors currently used on the market. You can dim LCD, LED-backlit, and TFT screens. Users make sure that the screen dimmer does not damage the computer screen.

CareUEyes VST Crack + Activation Free Download 2022

The third option available is Break Reminder. This option will give break notifications if users have been working or playing on their PC for too long. Rest is very important when it comes to long computing sessions because humans do not intend to sit for hours. The program is a helpful reminder to take short but healthy breaks as it displays notifications on the desktop. Users can select how often and how long the break reminder appears. There is also a random lock screen wallpaper to force users to take a break. Another benefit of using the program’s cutoff reminder is to compel users to get away from the computer and engage in physical activities. Users can activate their standard CAREUEYES VST download for additional features such as extended use.

Key Features:

  • shield your eyes from the glare of the screen.
  • light filter in blue.
  • flexible break durations.
  • To make sure you take a break, lock the screen timer.
  • Options for modifying the light and timer functions.
  • You become more productive as a result.
  • It might benefit your health.
  • It could support circadian rhythms and sleep cycles.
  • Avoid eye fatigue
  • Blue light is a type of high-intensity, short-wavelength light that is prone to flickering.
  • Eye strain will result from reduced visual contrast and sharpness.
  • The color temperature may be changed in CareUEyes VST to filter out blue light. The screen emits less blue light the lower the color temperature.
  • decrease eye pain
  • Screen brightness that is either too bright or too dark might irritate the eyes.
  • The CareUEyes VST automatically changes the screen brightness so that it roughly matches the ambient light.
  • Without utilising WPM, gentle touches may adjust the brightness and prevent flicker issues.
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  • lessen eyesight issues
  • Studies in the lab have demonstrated that retinal cells may get harmed by excessive blue light exposure.
  • This may result in age-related oracular degeneration, an issue with vision.
  • Vision issues can be decreased by using CareUEyes VST to cut back on blue light.
  • enhance sleep
  • Blue light at night can inhibit melanin synthesis and disrupt sleep.
  • Use CareUEyes VST to lessen blue light at night if you’ve had trouble sleeping in the past.


  • glare shield for screens
  • The Blue Light Channel
  • Time for breaks in the action
  • To prevent disruption, lock the clock on the screen.
  • customizable options for lighting and highlights
  • CareUEyes Crack increases productivity.
  • may benefit your health


  • However, there are no drawbacks to this program.

What’s New:

  • One of the top blue light filters and eye care programs.
  • lowers discomfort in the eyes, prevents eye strain, and enhances sleep
  • For Windows, it has eight pre-defined eye protection settings.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment and blue light filtering
  • The 20-20-20 rule aids in preventing eye strain.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • 1 GHz or higher processor
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Capacity 500 MB

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CareUEyes Pro Crack is a terrific technique to achieve better sleep by altering your monitor’s colour temperature. You may help yourself do things using a number of software programs that are accessible. If you reduce your exposure to the blue light that your monitor generates, the Pro-Patch can make it easier for you to fall asleep late at night. This software allows you to change the lighting and colour schemes. The blue light station may be controlled in five different ways and in line with the environment’s selected setting as well as by using the Pro Activation Code. CareUEyes Crack may be trusted to keep your eyes safe from long-term computer use destroying the assembly marks on your eyes.

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