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SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.7 Crack is a MySQL manager and administration tool. It is a GUI tool for efficient DBMS work. Also, it has a large number of clients all over the world. This software is easy to use and has a GUI button interface. This facilitates the creation of databases. You can manage multiple databases. Its interface helps you create independent databases. In addition, it contains several functions to create a list of users for different databases and with different rights. You can easily configure different users, each with different powers and permissions. Some users may have full rights to read and write data to the database. Some users have limited rights. This software is useful for managing different users.

SQLyog Ultimate

SQLyog Ultimate Key can create a new user for the database. This is another tool for creating, modifying, and dropping tables in a database. Besides, this software also supports various DDL declarations such as CREATE, ALTER, DOP tables. You can create a table with a simple click on the GUI. When doing this, you have to enter the table fields, their data types, primary keys, etc. You can easily change the lunch structure later using the user interface or some commands. It supports a secure query builder. The GUI interface helps to make a request very quickly.

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Each request will open in a new tab. To query the design with Design View, you can easily select and link each table to another table. Another feature of SQLyog is the reports. Helps user to easily create reports by the wizard. You can create any report by following simple steps and adding different fields to display in the news. You can configure the backup program to compress the database to protect your data. In case of failure, this software allows you to recover data by following simple steps. You can delete the database permanently if you don’t need to. If you need to copy a table,

SQLyog Ultimate Serial Key is now a simple step process. This program has another function to view data in the form of grids. When you run any query, it displays the results in an Excel-like sheet. You can easily copy data from data sets and paste them into an Excel spreadsheet. Supports various functions such as Excel spreadsheets. After viewing the data, you can easily export it to any format like CSV, XML, HTML, EXCEL. This software screen provides a display view and a single record. This allows you to search for data in the database. Helps to import data from files or external storage. Data in Excel files are easy to import with simple steps.

It also provides data synchronization. Also, you can diagnose tables. It has an object browser. It also makes it easy to create a database. It also supports drop tables. At the same time, it includes the update, changer functions.

Key Features:

  • It is GUI
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports all types of Queries, tables, report of MySql
  • Includes complete support for Unicode
  • Helps to import SQL dumps
  • Can restore dumps also
  • Consists of a module for different user management
  • Includes DB connection manager
  • Allows indexed control of records
  • Contains relationship manager
  • Supports the foreign key manager
  • Enable to reorder the columns easily
  • Includes Flush Tools
  • Helps Database schema documentation.
  • Helps to generate DML statement schema.
  • Allows multi-tab queries and results.
  • Includes an editor for queries and design of the table.
  • Multiple database management.
  • Fast duplication of tables with simple clicks.
  • Contains many database features.

What’s New In SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.7?

SQLyog Ultimate Crack is a Database Supporting software. It allows a different type of features of databases like creating a table, dropping, altering table, DML, and DDL support. Its new version contains several features and functions.

  • SQL Templates
  • Grids format as in the Excel sheet
  • Improved support to export data into different formats
  • It contains several features to copy-paste data from data set to excel
  • It uses less memory and CPU
  • Minimal use of Registry
  • It includes functions to stop long executing queries.

This software is straightforward to use. A new user having some knowledge of Microsoft access or a professional can easily use this software. Its interface is amicable and graphical. It allows users to create tables, queries, reports, Databases, users, forms, reports, schemas, relationships, primary keys, and foreign keys. It provides help to create a copy of the table, copy structure only, it can delete the Database or table. Import and export are effortless and a combination of simple steps

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