iPhone Backup Extractor 7.7.38 + Activation Key 2022 Free

iPhone Backup Extractor 7.7.38 + Activation Key 2022 Latest Version

The data recovery programme iPhone Backup Extractor Crack is great. You can use this tool to create a backup of every piece of lost or deleted data on your iPhone. We will now talk about how to extract any files or data from your device. Additionally, using this programme gives you direct access to backups that are already stored in iTunes and iCloud. A logical request for data recovery is first created. You then provide the command to recover data in accordance with your demands.

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Crack for iPhone Backup Extractor iCloud and iTunes simultaneously restore full backups, overwriting all of the most recent data. As a result, you can browse your backup and restore files without having to do a complete recovery. By simply recovering your phone and data that Apple does not backup, such as iCloud Photo Library or iCloud Contacts, iPhone Backup Extractor can restore messages that you do not see. This means that each backup and restore will require less data transfer.

iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key Free

Additionally an anti-malware programme, iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key aids in protecting your gadgets from viruses. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to retrieve data from all different kinds of operating systems. It’s incredibly straightforward and convenient to utilize this tool. it offers a user-friendly interface that is elegant. , even if your backup is faulty, this utility can still restore photographs, contacts, messages, stored games, Viber data, information from apps, and many other types of data.this programme has a feature that lets you repair corrupted iPhone backup files. It is a beloved, virus-free tool that is safer and more reliable. Additionally, it utilizes many formats for the retrieved items, including iCal, vCard’s, KML, and even HTML.

iPhone Backup Extractor Crack + Serial Number For (Mac) Free Download

The effective tool iPhone Backup Extractor Serial Number can restore password-protected encrypted data. Data loss can occur for several reasons. Additionally, malware occasionally deletes files from your computer. Unbiddable friends frequently have the ability to destroy data, including all of your crucial files. All the problems today spell the end for this data recovery programme. Data recovery from iCloud is also quite simple.

The process will go much faster using the iPhone Backup Extractor Registration Key. Instead of explicitly backing up or restoring applications, your phone backs up and restores your data. Applications are redownloaded from the App Store, not your backup, when your phone is restored. Apple’s backups are unique: Every time you back up, all you have to do is add the new data using iPhone Backup Extractor. If you want to delete files to hasten the iPhone backup process, make a backup copy of those files beforehand and store it somewhere other than the normal iTunes location.

The owner of the iPhone could easily afford anything, even if he wanted to back up his device. Additionally, everything is also based on chance, so I’m not sure how fortunate you are for your own particular information. Additionally, it is beneficial to recover anything you have stolen or lost as a result of a valid reason. Its usage is very simple and action-based, enabling one to quickly retrieve the restrictions passcode or any other programme information in I-Cloud or even iTunes copies. In conclusion, iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key is still the best and only copy retrieval available for both Mac and Windows. Furthermore, there are many other factors that contribute to baldness. like as if You lose your iOS device or the OS upgrade fails because you forgot the passcode.

iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen Uses:

The iPhone Backup Extractor License Key is effective for all problems. As a result, you will continue to be able to get your information back. In case your iOS device is still damaged. You can still safeguard data leaving this device. Simply connect the equipment to your desktop or laptop using your personal programmes. Additionally, it will undoubtedly give you a wide range of options. Additionally, the software supports various kinds of information. As a result, you will start to accumulate contacts, SMS, programme, phone log, WhatsApp, and other types of information. Your computer data is therefore obviously safe because of it.

The iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen is completely secure. As a result, you can never delete your own data. Your computer data will also soon always be free of viruses, adware, and bugs. People from all across the world anticipate this software. Additionally, this is due to the program’s absolute safety. The mode is really simple for the port. Additionally, you can select the information you want. Even a preview of this data is possible. In this way, you can choose the information you want. After that, you will only choose the information you want. It will be possible for you to actually save data for a little period of time. All of the key features are conveniently accessible through the port of this initiative

Benefit Of iPhone Backup Extractor Serial Number:

Furthermore, if you utilize it, you can’t even imagine that. Its duties and organizational priorities are not located anywhere. It gives you a very useful tool to extract information in many forms. If you’ve ever used iTunes to make another backup, you can use multi-purpose tools to extract it from this precise location. The new version will protect your data from being lost. Additionally, the main benefit of this is that it will operate quickly. Given that you are aware of how familiar Windows is with this software. You should also be aware of what macOS is capable of.

iPhone Backup Extractor Crack Features:

  • The iPhone Backup Extractor Registered Viewer’s free edition comes with everything, including the ability to extract contacts for export, print SMS and I Messages to PDF, add visit logs, and view call logs. Safari and desktop bookmarks. watch and recover videos and images.
  • The extraction of all data displayed from encrypted iPhone backups generated to safeguard privacy is supported by the iPhone Backup Extractor Viewer’s Pro edition.
  • Contacts may be easily exported to the Mac Address Book or from backups. You may also use I Backup Viewer to preserve your contacts as hard disc v card (.vcf) files, making it simple to send them to pals and use online messaging services like Gmail.
  • The ability of a to retrieve messages is its most crucial feature. I Backup Viewer allows for I Message and SMS extraction.
  • Text messages from iTunes backups, iOS-style chat calls, PDF chats saved, and printing on paper are all examples of text messaging. Publish HTML versions of each communication.
  • To share special experiences with others, messages almost always include pictures and videos. Attachments are extracted by iPhone Backup Extractor Viewer so they may be viewed and saved as files.
  • You might wish to extract the notes from your iPhone and save them to your computer because it may include a lot of notes. It is simple to extract all notes from iOS backups and save them to text files using the iPhone Backup Extractor Registry Key Viewer.
  • You may extract voice recordings from iTunes-created iOS backups and record them directly from your iPhone using I Backup Viewer.
  • You can listen and preview voice recordings, extract all memos, and recordings.

iPhone Backup Extractor Pro Cracked:

  • Additionally, your iPhone can include a tone of notes that you’ll want to remove and save to your computer. All notes from iOS backups may be easily extracted and saved as text files with the help of I Backup Viewer Crack.
  • Therefore, if you have created backups via iTunes, do not be frightened to lose images on your iPhone Backup Extractor. Photos can be extracted from iPhone backups using I Backup Viewer. Saving pictures to your Mac’s local hard drive is simple with I Backup Viewer.
  • Above all, the iPhone has visited a lot of website URLs. Some of them might be crucial. In order to visit the computer’s websites without losing your bookmarks, you must also register the URLs in Safari. iPhone
  • On Mac computers, Backup Extractor Viewer may extract the complete history of web visits as well as bookmark URLs that can be exported to Mac.
  • Additionally, there are other issues that you can resolve. Notes, voicemails, and placement information are all accessible. Additionally, historical information, calendar entries, and Safari bookmarks are available.


  • You can delete iPhone backups in master mode.
  • Any iTunes backup on iOS devices can be extracted using the iPhone Backup Extractor to obtain the iPhone Backup Extractor Key.
  • on both Macs and Windows computers.
  • Easy to use UI that is straightforward.


  • The information cannot be totally filtered out by iPhone Backup Extractor Crack.
  • In addition, it is unable to distinguish before splitting.
  • It is unable to stop. It doesn’t fix iTunes copies that are scrambled.

What’s New in iPhone Backup Extractor:

  • Additionally, the iPhone Backup Extractor License Key’s recti command-line tool now supports the device management commands.
  • Users can now develop scripts and carry out device detection, backups, shutdowns, and reboots using recti. Users of Windows can access this feature via USB and Wi-Fi, but users of macOS can only do so via USB.
  • Most importantly, we anticipate being able to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for macOS soon. Additionally, we’ll add more features that will be included in forthcoming releases.
  • In other words, Haschak’s famous $ iTunes backup $ * password hash is now available for encrypted backups with the backup info command in the built-in Recti utility.
  • Additionally, the message data did not always display group discussion participants appropriately.
  • , and we have now fixed this issue.
  • Likewise, Correction We corrected a flaw that interfered with the backup sample’s huge image preview.
  • In summary, Fix We improved the reliability of the extraction of numerous contact data. It occasionally crashed. Key for iPhone Backup Extractor:

System Requirements:

  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max. Everything older, including iPad and iPod Touch.
  • iOS 13 and 12, and every earlier version. We started with iOS 1.
  • iPhone Backup Extractor runs on any Mac (10.10+) or PC (Windows 7 SP1 or newer).

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How To Install?

  • Click here to download iPhone Backup Extractor Crack.
  • Remove each of these files.
  • likewise, install the programmes one by one.
  • Then shut it down and make the file run.
  • Create an activation key as well.
  • Copy everything, then paste it.
  • Press the active button after that.
  • All of the setup is now finished.


In the market, there are countless tools for recovering lost data, but iPhone Backup Extractor Crack 2022 stands out among them. The majority of people recommend using this tool to restore data from the most recent iPhone 13. This data recovery program’s full version, which guarantees total data recovery, is available. Whatever you’ve lost, this application quickly restores it with a few clicks.

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